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George / Tim
Construction Handymen Services

Fine Home Construction / Remodeling / Additions / Complete Construction Services

We are a professional quality honest customized property maintenace and building service, operating since 1989, servicing the region of Sparta Laconia Greece, and now in the greater Phoenix area in Arizona , USA too. Our business is all about partnering up with you - to make your dream properties come true. Over the years we have developed a top reputation for delivering high end quality craftsmanship, at a fair price. The level of craftsmanship, dedication and experience we deliver to each project - guarantee to exceed your expectations! We do all phases of home building and improvement and no job is too big or too small. Please call us today to set up your free estimate. You will be glad you did.

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Stone Masonry / Home Restoration

Need to transform the look of your home, patio, balcony, garden etc? We can create that new space for relaxation, mediation, family or social gatherings. Update your space with construction of stone walls, brick or tile walkways, and natural stone structures. Add lasting value and create a new beautiful space. In Southern Greece, especially the Peloponnese, we are close and can come to you quickly. Key areas we service are: Sparta, Kalamata, Tripolois, Githio, Argos, Patras, Kalavrita, Corinth, and other locations. Do to our extensive building experience we understand a wide range of materials and building techniques. We are known as experts in stone masonry and restoration.


Remodeling / Refurbishing / ReDesign

Modernize your home, transform the look, make it enjoyable for yourself, or increase the sales potential for buyers. Let us transform your old or unkept structures and refurbish them with new materials, design and layout. As result we produce useful new space and added value for your home. Some of our techniques include the blending of the modern with the ancient to create usable beautiful spaces. With our experience in remodeling some of Greece's oldest homes and structures, we can assure you that our work will produce lasting value for your property.

Our satisfied customers can tell you that our quality and workship are outstanding, and the pricing is a great deal.


Safety Windows / Doors / Locks

Add new doors, locks, access ways, gates, fenced and walled areas to protect your valuable home. Update your property with steel-frame-doors, reinforced masonry walls, secuirty windows, wrought iron bars, gates and fences. The windows, doors, and locks are high quality and designed to match the look and style your home. Give yourself peace of mind and safety. In these times of unrest and uncertainty it is good to know that we can help make your home a safer and more peacful place. At Fountas Professional Property Services we give you security and style.


Some of Greeces finest moderate priced construction / restoration .

Classic 1920's Stone Restoration

New Concerte Balcony, Roof etc..

100+ Yr. Old Restoration

Classic Pre-Century Stone Masonry

New Classic Greek

Marble, Stone, Classic Tile

Stone Retaining Wall

Stone Garden Retaining Wall

1860's River Stone

All new Stone Fixtures more..

Errosion Wall Natural Stone

Retaining / Errosion Steel + Stone Wall

George' Story

I have served people and their needs all my life.

  • 1989

    Our Humble Beginnings

    Starting with small garden projects, building up terraced stone planters, pathways, using traditional quality stone masonry. Lasting Quality of Stone, Eternal Style

  • Craftsmanship

    Attention to Detail / Personal Involvement

    George Fountas is a master craftsman, specializing in building & refurbishing stone homes/properties. George is personally involved in every aspect of each building project to completion.

  • It's all in the Details

    Great Deal / Great Work

    His attention to detail, meticulous craftsmanship, and dedication to complete every project to your satisfaction, make him an expert home builder and superior in his field.

  • University Educated

    A Real People Person

    George, Tim and Office Manager Irene work primarly in the beautiful Phoenix Area in AZ. We do remote work so call us if you are in other areas!

  • Experiened / Dedicated

    Authentic Passionate

    Although, George has a degree in physical education, for over 28 years, building and hand crafting beautiful homes & properties have been his passion and profession. George's top passions remain teaching, building up people in the faith, and enjoying his family, friends, and church community.

  • Be Part
    Of Our

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Experienced, Honest, Reliable, Quality Craftsmen

George & Dimitri

"We love building!"

George & Vieros

"We are all about quality and service!"

Xaris & George

"Call us and let us serve you!"

Vieros & Mitchos

"I love stone and the structures we create!"

Building is about serving people, where they live. To bring the peace in the place they call home. We transform your space into the place that you can relax, grow and transform.

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Tel: 1-626-644-8154

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Irene would love to talk with you, and give you a free estimate.

Painting, Carpentry, Tile, Home Repairs, Ceramic Tile, Flooring, Drywall / Plaster, Garden Sprinklers, Repair Decks, and more.
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